Krampus Loose Leaf Holiday Blend
Krampus Loose Leaf Holiday Blend
Krampus Loose Leaf Holiday Blend
Krampus Loose Leaf Holiday Blend

Krampus Loose Leaf Holiday Blend

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Our Krampus Holiday Blend is inspired by fragrant mugs of glühwein served hot at German Christmas Markets each year. The traditional Weihnachtsmarkts, as they're called, were one of our founder and his family’s favorite parts of being stationed in Germany.  Citrus and wintery spices come together beautifully in this cup of holiday cheer!

Available in two sizes:

• 0.3 ounce loose leaf sample | 2-3 servings | medium caffeine

• 3 ounce tin of loose leaf tea | 27-37 servings | medium caffeine

Ingredients: Certified Elephant Friendly (TM) black tea, organic cinnamon, organic lemon myrtle, organic orange peel, organic clove, natural flavor

Don't have a strainer?  Don't worry!  We've got you covered. Add this strainer to your cart with your tea, and the strainer is free!

Customer Reviews

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Amazing Tea

This is my favorite blend (although all of them are awesome). I appreciate the spice profile. A lot of teas on the market have "flavor" but most of them are a hint at best. This tea has a deep, rich, flavor profile that is a definite nod to the quality of ingredients used. Its my go to.

If you like German spiced wine, you'll appreciate this one!

Thank you for making awesome tea for the masses!!

Love this tea!

We have always loved the Christmas story of Krampus, so when we saw this tea, we had to order it! We brewed Krampus both with a tea ball and a loose leaf tea infuser; the results were equally as good for both methods. The blend of the tea was perfect, I especially enjoyed the citrus flavors of the tea. I also shared it with my colleagues at work, who enjoyed it, as well. Thank you for supplying elephant safe tea!!

I see why this seasonal tea is still in stock

The first sign of this tea of being over priced/hyped is smelling the dried leaves. It lacks even a mild scent let alone multiple ones. I tried at varying strengths, even triple dosed. I mixed with and without sugar, tried lemon, cream, milk. It was just bland with high doses being gross. I don’t see my self ordering again. If you were wanting to try something don’t let it be this Krampus “blend.” After looking over the reviews on the sight and the language used tread carefully, they are just like paid reviews, as bland as this tea and have a disturbing lack of criticism

We’re truly sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy this tea! While we are happy to say that yours has not been a common experience, we’re still sad that you weren’t pleased. We want to be clear that we’ve never paid for a review. We allow all reviews through including yours, our very first complaint. This we don’t apologize for. The positive feedback on our teas is a point of pride, and not something we find disturbing in the least.

This tea is an amazing blend, tastes as good as it smells, and it smells awesome! Get some while you can.

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