Partnership with the Green Beret Foundation and All Secure Foundation

Coalition Tea donates 5% of all sales to veteran and family health and wellness support.
We are rotating our support between All Secure Foundation and the Green Beret Foundation.  We will always let you know which foundation we are supporting at the time of your purchase!

When someone thanks me for my service,  I'll most likely respond with "it was my pleasure and I had a blast while doing it."  Thinking to myself. "lucky those blasts didn't kill me" and "stoked to be here".   Stoked is something new for me.  I wasn't always stoked and at times for me life got really low.  I mean so low I thought life wasn't worth living.  I'm not the only person, veteran or Green Beret who has ever felt this way.  When I did, the Green Beret Foundation was there and got me enrolled in a program that literally saved my life.  My wife reached out to them and they found the help I needed in conjunction with Mission 22. The GBF has health and wellness programs now, including #andysfund. I didn't know Andy personally but every time a fellow brother loses his life to suicide, it's a loss for the regiment and an even bigger loss for their families.  It hurts and I ask myself where are we failing?  There are lots of options and suicide doesn't have to be one of them. I say this from personal experience.  Love to all you veterans out there!  With that in mind, we are partnering with the Green Beret Foundation to support mental healthcare for other Green Berets and their families.
The Green Beret Foundation is uniquely positioned to serve a small but hard hit community.  They tell their story best, so we'll bring their words in here.

The Green Beret Foundation serves the Army’s Special Forces, our nation’s most elite soldiers. We believe Green Berets are our nation’s greatest assets. Every day, we honor our commitment to Green Berets past and present, as well as their families, by connecting them with the right resources to prosper and thrive. Because when these soldiers meet powerful opportunities, our nation’s most elite soldiers become our nation’s best leaders.
Recognizing gaps in immediate support to and in the continuity of care for injured Green Berets, Aaron Anderson, himself a Special Forces Warrior wounded in battle, founded the Green Beret Foundation in 2009. For eleven years, the Foundation has grown significantly in terms of size, support from the community, and most importantly, in impact. We have provided direct assistance to nearly 13,000 Green Berets and their families as they navigate the challenges of their new lives, and have invested 87 cents of every dollar raised back to the Green Beret community. While the GBF will continue to focus on our wounded, their families, and the families of our fallen, we are working to broaden our impact into addressing the needs of Green Berets as they transition back into civilian life.

Since the GBF has always been there for myself and my family, we wanted to start giving more back to them.  Coalition Tea donated 5% of all sales to the Green Beret Foundation, starting November 11th, 2022 through January 31st, 2024.  Every purchase you made in that time period gave 5% to the GBF, earmarked specifically to the MSG Andrew Marckesano Suicide Prevention Fund (#AndysFund).  You can also add a greater donation at checkout, and we'll pass that on as well.

Starting February 1st, 2024, we decided to expand our giving to include All Secure Foundation, who support a broader range of Special Operations servicemembers and their families.  Check the banner at the top of our home page to see who we're supporting each month!