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Dream Glider Organic Chamomile Herbal Tisane

Dream Glider Organic Chamomile Herbal Tisane

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Dream Glider is a lemon-y chamomile herbal blend with a hint of lavender and a light touch of valerian.  Brewed hot, Dream Glider is the consummate night cap.  With no caffeine, you can sip on it all day long and try it iced for a summertime treat.

The Glider Pilots of WW2 definitely didn't have it dreamy. They received no flight play or jump pay and these glider crews were simply towed to altitude, let go near a drop zone and glided right on in.  In actuality, they were quite literally falling out of the sky with men, weapons and equipment.  The gliders were intended to be silent but in reality, falling to earth at a high rate of speed is not quiet.  The sudden impact could be intense even with modern technology bringing you to the ground like a sack of potatoes.  

These gliders were nicknamed flying coffins by the men who rode in them.  These drop zones weren't nicely mowed lawns but open areas filled with hazards, tearing apart the intentionally expendable gliders and infantry troops on board.  Like all Army Air Corps pilots, the glidermen wore wings on their chests. Theirs were special, with a capital "G" stamped in the center. Technically it stood for "glider," but they were quick to tell anyone who asked that it really stood for "Guts."   So if you feel like a G, Dream Glider herbal blend will settle you into your secure DZ to cop some zzzzzs.

Don't have a strainer?  Don't worry!  We've got you covered.  Add this strainer to your cart with your tea, and the strainer is free!


Organic chamomile, organic lemon peel, organic lemon myrtle, organic lavender, organic licorice root, organic valerian

Sizing and Servings

2.3 oz tin || 30 servings
2.3 oz pouch || 30 servings
1 oz pouch || 14 servings


no caffeine


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Part of my evening routine

Great tasting tea at a fare price! I add a little honey, sip, and relax.
I am happy to support a veteran-owned, small business.

casey taylor
Delicious and really makes my dreams WILD!!!

Let me spill the tea. I absolutely adore the flavors of this blend, and as a plebe with no real vocabulary for this sort of thing I can only describe it as “what I always hoped a cup of regular ol’ chamomile would taste like” because it’s much more interesting than your run of the mill sleepy time tea.
Secondly, I did not expect to actually have very vivid dreams after having a cup of this tea before bed, but after the third time I figured I’d stop writing it off as a coincidence and give credit where credit is due.
All in all, this tea an amazing blend that is now a permanent resident in my tea cabinet and a permanent part of my nightly routine

Justin Ryle
Smooth and Relaxing

I got this as a sampler in a tea club from my wife and I absolutely love it. This is a perfect end to the day after the kids finally hit the hay and all is quiet again.

George Smiles

Super fast shipping, exceptionally tasty. If they make an early grey I won't buy anywhere else

Ana Rodriguez Carrera
Absolute bliss

I love this tea in the evenings, with a tad of honey or just by itself. It’s very flavorful and gets you in the relaxing mood right away.