Welcome to Coalition Tea

And thanks for supporting our small business!  We are Mike and Jen Montgomery.  Coalition Tea is a veteran and family owned business, and we donate 5% of all sales to the Green Beret Foundation

Coalition Tea was born after a difficult transition out of the Army and long struggle with TBI and PTSD forced us to take a hard look at our health and start making different choices in life.  It was at this low point that we realized we needed to build a new coalition for ourselves.  Tea was a big part of Mike's journeys in the military and a huge part of our new path to health. You can read a little more about us here.

We think tea should taste good, feel good and do good and we keep that in mind when sourcing all of our teas and developing our blends.  All of our blends are developed in house, so you can be sure of two things.  We LOVE the blend ourselves.  And you won't find them anywhere else!

As a company and in our own lives, our stewardship of our environment and the planet are very important to us.  We seek out farms who take seriously their commitment to the planet and to the people that serve them.  We seek to minimize packaging and our overall impact on the environment.