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Coalition Tea

Aztec Cocoa

Aztec Cocoa

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The original drinking chocolate comes to us courtesy of the ancient Maya circa 500 BC.  They ground cacao seeds and mixed that with chili peppers and other spices.  It was commonly enjoyed by Aztec society a millenia later and now we bring it to you.  Everything old is new again, as they say.

Starting with rich organic cocoa and organic coconut milk powder, we've mixed in a tasty blend of spices in tribute to the original drinking chocolate. 

Compostable stand up pouch with reclosable zipper.  (Safe for home composting but results may vary.)


Organic coconut milk powder, organic cocoa powder, cane sugar, arrowroot, salt, orange peel powder, cayenne & organic cinnamon.

Sizing and Servings

8 oz pouch || 10 servings


no caffeine


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Joey Peanutbrittle
Absolutely Amazing!

Thiz is the Aztec cocoa I've been trying to find for ages now, with a delicious, spicy twist! It was wonderful when I had stuffy sinuses. Perfect cocoa, traditional, flavour (almost like bittersweet cocoa but not as sweet) real cocoa with delicious, flavourful spices you can really taste! Warms one up extremely well! Please keep making this treasure!

Dallas Dowden

I have to keep the Aztec on hand for daily dose.

Darrell Kaiser
Tier 1 Tea and Cocoa

Aztec Cocoa and Moroccan Mint tea are the best I’ve had. This includes the mint teas I had in the middle East as well as cocoa I had in Mexico! So good and refreshing! This company is one of the best in the business!